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A career accelerating program with introduction to Analytics, 3D site scanning, Project Viability Analysis, skills in BIM, Flex Programming, Behavioral Psychology, Computational Design, VR Ecosystems, Algorithmic Optimisation, Digitised Assembly, 3D Printing, Automated Project Tracking & Management, 3D Installation Sequencing, Integrated Project Delivery, Site Visits with Domain Experts, Lifecycle Modelling, Advanced Engineering, Specialised Robotics, Live Logistics.
Get introduced to a career skill development program in Digital design & construction, behavioral mapping, advance project management .
Get included to an international best practice in design & construction by domain experts .


Create Platform for Fresh Architects to Develop Relevant Training & Experiences to Suit Industry Requirements.
Provide Technical Training in Best Possible Environment.
Create Platform to Place Fresh Graduates with Relevant Skills
Increase Employability of Fresh Architects
Create Opportunities & Network for NOOB Graduates to Excel & Succeed in their Careers
Create a Rigorous, Comprehensive & Continuously Upgraded Learning Platform

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People behind NOOB Studio



Kalhan, is a leading design professional with over 50 international, national awards, numerous authored articles, publications, work exhibitions and media coverage to his credit. He is frequently invited to speak at industry forums and takes avid interest in initiatives that benefit the design and construction community.

Experience of over twenty years at the helm of Planet 3 Studios has given him unique insights about the issues that confront the industry. He believes that the current skill set and consequent employability of young professionals leaves a lot desired and that needs to be addressed with some out-of-box thinking.

Kalhan conceived the idea of a Structured Internship Program that would make the Architect students, profession ready in an accelerated manner through focused constructivist learning hosted by leading studios.

Kalhan believes:
"The collateral benefit to the industry will be substantial through this intervention that breaks the low skill-low pay-low output trap that blights the newbie’s entering the profession."